About Us

We have a team of experienced writers who are ready to report about everything that’s happening around the world. We have a goal to gather as much relevant news as possible and present them on our website. Our writers also work as editors of our article, which means our articles aren’t copied from particular websites, but rather written by ourselves. The news we convey are well-written, interesting, and can hold your attention throughout the whole article. Many portals write irrelevant articles just to keep the content quota on a high level, without thinking about the actual quality of the article.

We have decided to put an end to it. No more false news, no more click bait, and no more irrelevant data. We are here to revolutionize this concept, and the only way we can achieve our goals is through your trust and reliance. There would be no us if you weren’t present in our lives. The mutual respect is the most important thing for a successful business. That’s why our main goal is to get closer to our readers and built a community of individuals who are interested in certain subjects which are truthfully written and told, instead of being here just for the clicks.

It is hard to build a genuine portal with a vast choice of subjects, but it’s worth it. We want to acquire a good reputation for being legitimate, up to date, and honest. That is one of the reasons why we decided to exclude politics from our portfolio. We are more concentrated on science, health, technology, and medicine. These categories will help you improve your way of life, instead of restlessly debating about who should and who did win the elections. In simpler words, this is a friendly place for all people who want to take a rest from an exhausting day and improve their general awareness about innovations and discoveries in many different fields.

It’s important to remember that we’re completely independent and we’re not connected to any major companies. We feel that this way leaves more room for freedom of speech and individual opinions. As you can see, we are not limited by anything or anyone. In the sea of paid news portals implementing their ways of thinking, having an independent portal is a fresh breath of air. It is up to you to evaluate a certain subject and express your opinion about the said subject through the comment section or the contact form. No one will forbid or restrict your right to have an opinion.
If you have anything to say, add, or suggest to us, feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to review your submission. Our website features a lot of different content which means we have a wide target audience. Anyone can read and comprehend our articles, including children, who are interested in, for example, news from the science world. There are no age restrictions, nor gender restrictions. We have something for anyone who’s interested in reading some trending news.