Best Italian catering services in Miami

Miami is an attractive touristic location where dozens of various traditions and cultures mix and present their main symbols and styles. It is particularly seen along few major boulevards where series of the authentic restaurant are located. Italian restaurants are dominant and italian catering is a flourishing field in the food industry. Numerous restaurants are providing high-quality Italian catering services, but one of the most popular and reputed is Via Verdi catering. Locals are familiar with this high-class restaurant and all of its services. Thus the stuff is frequently hired to provide catering service for various casual, commercial or luxury events.

Personalized catering service

This Italian catering service provides its services to the whole Miami and surroundings, including both residential events, as well as commercial and luxury events. The restaurant cherishes authentic Italian food, wines, and style and there are several typical menus specially designed for various types of parties and events, but most events are handled with the fully personalized approach. The stuff of the restaurant gathers information about the type of the event, profile of an average guest, specific nutrition requests and many other factors necessary for designing unique catering approach. This service provides more than typical catering service. The staff can handle the full organization of the event, including stuff and equipment for the pleasant flow of the event.

The cooking theme may vary according to the type of the event, but the food will still be authentic Italian specialties, including traditional meals, as well as creative combinations and exotic dishes with a Mediterranean touch in it. The leading mission of this restaurant is to bring the scent and flavor of Italia into the atmosphere of your gatherings and parties and to adjust the food according to the type of the event. Another policy is to provide equal high-quality service to each client, whether it’s a private birthday party or luxury commercial meeting. The menu includes pasta, ravioli, seafood, desserts, Italian wines and many different exotic specialties of the restaurant, but not one meal is generically prepared. The details are never overseen, and you will feel the passion and talent for cooking with every bite you take.

Catering for all occasions

Catering services of this restaurant cover breakfast, cold lunches, chicken dishes, hot meals, desserts, wines, and cocktails. All the food and drinks are authentic Italian and Mediterranean food, cooked with talent, passion and decades long experience. The services are provided for intimate dinners, birthday parties, weddings, religious events, corporative meetings, parties or any other form of gathering and event.

Catering for luxury events

Occasionally, when trusted to provide catering to some elegant and luxury events, such as political meetings or celebrity parties, this restaurant provides luxury catering and specific organization of the event. It includes richer and larger assortment of meals and drinks on the menu, décor, lighting, floral design and entertaining aspects if required. The stuff organizes the event, serves the guests and keeps up with the whole event making sure every single detail functions smoothly.

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