How are eye surgeries safe?

We do not know how much something is important to us until we lose it. The same is with our sight. No matter how often others were warning us not to look at your cell phone, TV or PC from such a small distance, we were keeping doing it. As time is passing, we usually notice that it is getting worse. In this case, people usually start wearing glasses and others lenses.

Eye glasses vs. eye lenses

When it comes to eye lenses, we can say that there are a lot of advantages. Besides its aesthetic purpose, it is much more practical than eye glasses. No fog on your lenses when you are entering into warmer space. Not to mention your look and how hard is sometimes to match your wardrobe with your glasses. In this case, it is recommended to wear the one with the hardly visible frame. If you chose a frame that it is not so conspicuous, you would make your life easier. On the other side, not everyone is capable of wearing lenses. A lot of people have a problem with eye irritation or infections, or they simply are not able to get used to it. What one person that is not able to wear eye lenses and doesn’t want to wear eye glasses should do?

prk eye surgery

Lasik and PRK surgery treatments

When the person wants to get rid of this handicap, he or she should go for surgery. If you wonder how if they are safe you should read this article just to become more familiar with the procedures. PRK surgery applies laser directly on the surface of the cornea. It never goes under a flap as LASIK methods do. PRK eye surgery is quite efficient because it uses topical anesthesia and it takes about 5 min per eye. It is more stable than LASIK because it uses a more corneal tissue. With this treatment, there is no any possibility of flap-related complications. The whole procedure is comfortable, and you won’t have any problem with dry eyes, On the other hand, recovery takes longer after PRK treatment. You should get at least two days of rest.


How to behave after the surgery?

After these two days, you should act normally like you never had this type of problem in your life. That is the beauty of the surgery. The solution is permanent, and it allows you to work normally and do all your everyday activities without any issue. You can read a lot about this on site adapted for this type of subject. Their experienced writers report you about everything that is happening around the world regarding this topic. They are editing articles, and none of them is copied from other sites. With their help, you will be able to track all the news concerning the desired topic. One of this type of sites is Jhop, and we are more than willing with all possible information in the most interesting way.

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