Jewelry – For we are individuals

Jewelry is a powerful tool that enhances our beauty and makes us unique. A beautiful piece (ring, necklace or so on) can turn your rather dull look into something people will find interesting, and that is the power of jewelry.

An ornament shouldn’t stick out, but it should complement your overall look. It should go with the rest of your attire and still be a center piece that attracts looks of other people. Now, buying mass-produced jewelry pieces is an option, but they don’t have that unique feeling we all want. They can be insanely expensive and yet still be bland and without any unique feature that would make them look good on you.

The other option is to purchase custom made ornaments. This option can also be expensive if you don’t know how the industry works. You can buy some unique ornaments you designed, and the price will be well within standard pricing when it comes to jewelry. We at Angel Designs Jewelry will help you with that.

Trend follower or trend setter – It’s up to you

People like to feel unique, and that is something that can clash with their desire to follow trends. But these two aren’t as opposite as many would want you to think. You can still be unique even if you wear ornaments that follow trends. This won’t be a sort of uniqueness you desire, but it will keep you up with the latest trends.

The secret of being unique while following trends lies in customized jewelry. This differs from custom pendants and other pieces due to both the process of the creation and the uniqueness. Customized, in this case, represents the alteration of an already existing piece of jewelry. This covers everything from engraving names (or something else) to changes to the size and parts of the piece. The cost of the ornament will include both the cost of the original piece as well as work that goes into customization.

Custom Design Jewelry

On the other end of the spectrum, you have custom designs. The beauty of custom design jewelry is that the piece you buy can be devised by anyone you want. If you have an idea about an ornament, then you can ask us to design it for you. The other option is to do it alone or work with someone else to come up with a design.

Jewelry design in nutshell

The design of the desired jewelry piece has to be 3D with accurate measures. This is why we advise our clients to work with other recognized 3D artists or us. The work that goes in design isn’t small, and it might be too much for an inexperienced individual.

The work starts once we finish or receive a complete and detailed design of the piece you want us to make. We will use a 3D printer to create a replica of conception in resin, and that is the start of the production. Then we will use the material you want to create a unique jewelry piece that will make you stand out in a crowd.



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