Kirk Douglas Has Celebrated His 100th Birthday!

Who would have thought that the famous Spartacus would live to see his one-hundredth birthday? This legendary American actor has celebrated his centennial on December 9th, 2016. He was lucky to be born in 1916 because that was the golden era of cinema. The legend spent his birthday with close family around him including his wife Anne, son Michael, daughter-in-law Catherine, and his grandchildren. His doctor said a long time ago that if Kirk lives to see his 100th birthday, he gets to have a glass of vodka. As the drink was arriving Kirk was sitting and listening to his loved ones sharing their stories about their experience with him. You can’t help but think how amazing that moment must have been for him.

kirk douglas

Many famous people have said some pretty nice things about him, but one of the notable speeches was from actress Neile Adams. She recalled Kirk’s naughty side and shared a story with people present. And said he was a true playboy and a womanizer whenever he got the chance. Even stated he was onto her even though he knew she’s married to Steve McQueen. Also reminisced about his agility when he had both of his knees replaced.

Spartacus in a wheelchair

Kirk pictures He was advised by his son only to get one knee replaced and get a wheelchair. Kirk responded with – “You’ll never see Spartacus in a wheelchair!” This only goes to show that he managed to retain his sense of humor despite his age and his health issues.

Later that day many people have addressed the generosity of the Douglas family. They are well-known for their charity events and fund raisings. Whether it’s the karma or some divine force, but it’s obvious that Kirk has to thank the unknown forces or nature for his long and fulfilled life.

In the end, it’s great to have a living legend around us. Although Kirk is not capable of acting or doing anything particular for that matter, Kirk is still relevant and awe-worthy. Whether you liked his career and his acting or not, you cannot deny the fact that he knew how to conquer the world with his talent and determination. Steven Spielberg once said that he’s been shooting and directing movies for over 47 years and that Kirk Douglas is the only movie star he ever met. When Steven says something like that about you, you know you’re a respect-worthy man.

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