Medical Uses of Shatter

Shatter is a quite new term that not many people know about. People that are introduced to shatter are most likely regular cannabis users. That is because shatter is essentially marijuana that is extremely dense and concentrated. This means that it has a very high level of cannabinoid which will get you high very fast. In order to explain to people who are not familiar with cannabis how strong the density is when compared to regular cannabis, the shatter has about 50 -70% more pure cannabinoid content.

As you probably know, marijuana is a psychoactive plant that consists of chemicals such as THC. From the plant, the cannabinoids are extracted and that’s how this concentrate is made. During the extraction process of cannabinoids, propane is running through the buds of the plant and that way the solvent and resins are getting separated. Then after that, the resin is cooled down and turned into a glass like a sheet which is extremely similar to hard caramel. The name shatter is coming from the glassy consistency because if dropped, the product will shatter.

Various Benefits

Now that you know exactly how shatter is made, you can understand why it is recommended to be used for medical purposes. This is a much faster way to get a big dosage of cannabinoid into your system which as we know can be extremely helpful in fighting various diseases. People that are using cannabis for medical purposes need much higher dosages of cannabinoid in order to have an effect on their disorder or disease. When people are smoking marijuana they are getting some cannabinoid into their system, but as mentioned it is in very small dosages. Only about 10 to maximum 30% cannabinoid can a regular person take in when smoking medical marijuana. The levels can depend on the quality and the type of the plant that the user is smoking.

When you are using the thc shatter instead of regular marijuana, you can get about 80% of pure cannabinoid into your system that will have much better results. Of course, it is not recommended for regular people to start using shatter if they are not experienced marijuana users because it can cause them to feel sick. Even the experienced marijuana users can feel sick from the shatter because it has a much higher dosage of cannabinoid that your body is not prepared for. There are various benefits from using shatter, just as they are from using regular medical marijuana. The only difference is that you can get faster and better results with the shatter, but you have to be careful how you use it.

Gaining Popularity

When it comes to the shatter, people are getting more familiar with it. Shatter is becoming adopted well into the cannabis community because of the good results it has shown. Each day, shatter is becoming more and more popular, one day we can hope it will replace the regular marijuana use for treating serious diseases and disorders that people have.

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