The New Era Of Medicine Has Started!

We all know everything is fun and games until we get sick. That’s when the issues start, and most people experience low morale and fear. Luckily, modern medicine is following a steady rate of progress, and we have new discoveries on a daily basis. One of those discoveries is an injection which should prevent bone fractures caused by aging and disease. A team of scientists and doctors conducted an experiment in which they used cells harvested from pregnant women to separate the stem cells from the amniotic fluid that surrounds the fetus. They cultured exosome molecules which are responsible for bone strength.

Over 3 million people suffer from osteoporosis, which is a result of hormone changes or lack of vitamin D. This condition causes over half a million bone breaks every year. The experiments which were conducted on lab mice have shown fracture reductions in more than 75% of cases. Dr. Pascale Guillot who is in charge of the whole experiment said that this is a very significant and important discovery because it can affect the whole population and reduce bone fractures by a significant amount, especially in the senior community.

In few years when it gets developed fully, it could become a routine injection and influence the reduction of bone fractures. One more thing that’s important is preserving the bones of people in space. Astronauts have a serious problem with low gravity in Space which negatively affects their bones. Their bones weaken at a much faster rate in Space than they do on Earth due to low gravity. This would mark a new beginning of Space exploration and keep people in low gravity conditions for much longer.

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The benefits are pretty obvious. The sheer fact that we could reduce bone fractures up to 75% is more than exciting. The whole humanity would change almost in an instant. Medicine has been developing at a constant rate, and we expect a lot of positive results in the upcoming years, especially in the bone treatment department.

The team working on this injection said that they should be ready to start clinical trials on humans in the next two years.

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