Peculiar things that can be connected to the Internet

Almost anything can be connected to the Internet nowadays. This benefit can be a useful thing for many devices and businesses, but you can also find some weird things which offer the option of connecting to the Internet. Take a look at these gadgets and try to comprehend what’s wrong and what seems a bit weird to you.
Dustbin sensors are available on the market. If you’re not familiar with the concept, don’t worry, no one is. These sensors monitor how full a dustbin is. This data is transferred into a system which predicts when are they going to be full and dispatches waste collection trucks to empty them. It also has its Twitter account which offers live updates about the fullness of the bins around the world.

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A Bluetooth-connected tampon is a new thing on the market. Many women suffer from menstrual pains, complications, and issues. However, the worst nightmare for all of them is blood leaks. A company named MyFlow has developed a tampon which sends signals and tells you when the time for replacement comes. This is a pretty useful thing for avoiding blood leaks through your wardrobe.
A smart thermos is a device, or rather a bottle, which alarms you to rehydrate your body via a smartphone application. You can set specific times and “hydration goals” within the app, and it will alarm you when the time comes for rehydration. It can be a useful thing, but in reality, it sounds redundant. When you feel like rehydrating, just do it, you don’t need an app for that.

Smart pill dispenser will unlock itself at the time of the day when you need your pills. You can connect it to a smartphone app and make a schedule. Although it’s an interesting concept, it doesn’t help much. The problem emerges when you immediately need your pills, and you stumble upon a locked gadget.
Juicero is a juicer that only creates drinks out of already chopped fruit and vegetables. This information wouldn’t raise red flags if the juicer didn’t cost over seven hundred dollars. The super-cool feature you get is the ability to connect with the juicer via Wi-Fi. However, no one knows why anyone would need a wireless connection with a juicer.

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The vibrating fork is the newest edition to our list. This is a regular fork which vibrates when you’re eating too fast. It is designed to warn you if you take less than 10 seconds between bites. It also connects to an app which measures the time left to finish the meal calculating your bites. Well, just take care of the size of your bites; you don’t need a vibrating device in your hands while you’re eating.


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