The Richest People Of 2016 Under 40 Years Of Age

According to the data and research conducted, there are currently over 66 billionaires under 40 years of age. Many of them have acquired their fortunes through the development of new high technology in Silicon Valley, CA. These are the 2016’s richest young people according to Forbes’ new list.


The first one is, of course, Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook. He was the youngest billionaire in the world when he arrived on the scene. He was only 23 years of age and was worth around 1.5 billion dollars. Today, he is the richest business person under the age of 40 with around 50 billion dollars of net worth. However, he has decided to donate a massive chunk of his fortune to charity via his wife’s charity fund.

Computer genius

Dustin Moskovitz was Zuckerberg’s roommate, and he helped in developing the Facebook in its early stages, almost a decade ago. He then left the company in 2008 and started his software company named Asana while keeping most of his Facebook stocks. And built a philanthropic foundation named Good Ventures with his spouse Cari Tuna. Now he is worth 9.6 billion dollars.

Rich guy

Garrett Camp is a co-founder of the popular taxi service named Uber. He is also a co-founder of StumbleUpon which is a platform which was launched in 2002. It was sold to eBay in 2007 for 75 million dollars. Uber raised 5.5 billion dollars in June which included a hefty investment from Saudi Arabia’s wealth funds. However, the business model of Uber as a company is jeopardized because of the ongoing disputes over wages and rights of the employees across the US as well as Europe. Garrett is worth around 6.3 billion.

Apples  billionaire

Robert Pera was working for Apple back in 2003, but decided to leave the company and start his own business. He founded Ubiquiti Networks which is a manufacturer of wireless products. The company’s success made him a billionaire overnight. This man has a net worth of 3.5 billion dollars, and he also owns shares in one American basketball team.

Sean Parker is a co-founder of the music-sharing platform called Napster. He became the president of Facebook at only 24 years of age. Even though he wasn’t a president for long, the position helped him to acquire the fortune he has today. However, Sean Parker is a generous individual, and he invested almost a billion dollars in cancer immunotherapy research. He also donated 25 million dollars to Stanford University and helped build an allergy research center. He has a net worth of 2.4 billion dollars at the age of 39.

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