Three ways to protect your content on social media

If you are still struggling to position yourself as a leader in your field, then this question may cause anxiety. In this case, your professional success will depend on your ability to create high-quality content. But, if someone steals your idea before you reach the success, you will lose much more than your clients. Nowadays, most business owners use Facebook to promote their products and services, and social media has enabled various ways to share information, articles, photos, and videos.

In 2017 Facebook implemented some new protection tools and based on some research, readers identify only 56% of articles, which means that 44% of your hard work goes wasted because they don’t recognize your brand. The good news is that Facebook is trying to protect the business owners. Now the platform places the publisher’s logo next to the article or the article link. In addition to this, readers are now able to recognize the trusted source and avoid face news. On the other hand, as business owners, you probably want to protect your brand, and we have some recommendations for you.

Share content from your website

To be sure that your content is closely connected to your brand and services, make sure to use your site for this purpose. In cases, when you or your audience share the content and articles, your website’s name will always appear in the links. This will forever mark the content designating it as your own. We understand that many small companies don’t have a website, but you should at least open a blog, where you will follow the market and write interesting articles, which will attract the bigger audience. If you want you content to be high – quality and successful on the market, then make sure to use Sales Enablement Software.

Always use your logo

protect social mediaIf you don’t have one, hire some company to design your logo, or if you have some friend who is good with photoshop, he can create you for much less money. Why is this important? Every time you write content, it should feature your logo at the beginning on the post. Considering that Facebook updated its policy, the photos you use will always appear in the link preview, and they cannot be changed or edited. So, it doesn’t matter who shares your content, if you place a logo on the picture, it will always appear with the link. In cases, your logo features letters, make sure to follow the Facebook’s 20% text regulation.

Stay faithful to your brand

When designing a logo, or your signature sign, you don’t have to place a name of the company or your name because it will take too much space. Instead of using the names, make sure to design something by using colors and pattern which will make your customers recognize your brand. In this way, just one glance at your logo will be enough to help the clients identify your company.

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