Weird Diets You Should Not Try Out

As any women out there might tell you, there are some weird diets out there! If you have been planning to lose weight, there is just three-words mantra which you should follow each day in order to get there: a balanced diet! Meanwhile, if you are really desperate and that wedding you are invited is lurking around corner, here are some crazy ideas.

The 8-Hours Diet

Okay, so this diet suggests that you should pick a window of eight hours during which you will eat any kind of food you want. The trick is – you should not eat anything during the other 16 hours of the day. So, in fact, you would be fasting and starving a portion of a day, but you should also lose weight.

The Baby Food Diet

Some celebrities started this crazy diet and swear that it is the thing that works for them. Many people reason that food that is good for a newborn is also good for an adult.


In fact, the small bottles which are used to contain baby food do not actually contain the quantity of food which is necessary to feed a grown adult. The caloric deficit might result with the loss of pounds before you know it!

Eating Just Proteins

Another weird idea is to eat just proteins. The logic behind it, is that proteins are used to build muscles and when you eat only proteins your muscles are being renewed, yet your fat is burned.

In addition to being dangerous for the lack of vitamins and minerals, this diet is also excruciatingly tasteless.

Eating One Type Of Food Only

This of course should not last for more than three days, as repetitive and monotonous diet can affect your overall health. In addition to that, it is also not as tasty, but it can sometimes give you that crash diet results you were looking for.

Reducing Caloric Intake While Eating Junk Food

If you are wondering whether it is possible to reduce your caloric intake and lose weight, even if you are eating junk food – the answer is: it is possible! But just because it is possible and doable, it does not make it healthy! So, do not even try it!


Besides, you should be eating like a half of a cheeseburger per day and then starve the rest of the time.


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