Will A Healthy Diet Really Make You Skinnier?  

Here it is – the question basically everyone has posed to themselves in their minds at least once in their lives. What is more important: exercising or eating right? And if we do eat right, does that mean we will become fit and lean machines, perfect versions of ourselves? Let’s find out as we talk about health habits and healthy diets in the text that follows.

Exercising Or Eating Right?

The majority of people say that if you want to lose weight you have to exercise more. Then there are those who believe it is all about a healthy diet, depriving yourself from sugar and learning how to balance your proteins with leafy greens and not go overboard with carbs!


But what is the real way to achieve a perfect body? Scientists agree, even though exercise is important, when it comes to excess weight, the most important thing is what you eat. Eating less will get rid of the fat, while exercising will make sure you do not lose muscles, but that you lose the fat instead. It is that simple.

I Eat Right And I Still Don’t Lose Weight

Here it is – another problem which affects so many people. How can this even be? But, if you have ever tried to lose weight just to see you have no results whatsoever, you will understand that this too is possible. If you are eating really healthy, but it still gives no results then several things could be blamed for this.

Eating Too Much

Healthy food is not without calories, you know. Even if you do eat healthy, you may be eating too much and therefore affecting your weight loss in a negative way.

Eating plenty will definitely give no results, because it is necessary that you get that reduction in calories in order to lose muscles.

You Binge

In case that you overeat from time to time, you could also be affecting the results of your diet. Having a cheat day every other day will get its negative impact on your diet.

Gaining Muscles

In case that you are exercising while on a diet, the no change on the scale might be result of a muscle gain. Muscles weigh more than fat and working your muscles is important to prevent losing them.

However, the weight number might not show the right results, because as some people lose their fat they also gain muscles and the numbers do not show this. Instead, you should measure the level of fat in your body in order to get the right idea of your appearance.


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