The biggest financial leap with the smallest possible step

The easiest way to improve your bar business is to start tracking everything. If you want to make any progress, you need to have the entire picture. You need to be familiar with your team and their strength, but also to know who is your weakest link. Therefore, we are offering you to take a peek into the deepest layers of your business with our software specialized for bar consulting. With our system, you will finally be able to see real condition of your business. We offer you a video and image reports that are made to show you the way how to improve it. You will be able to see the areas and sales what are at risk. For example, which dish is the least popular for the past six months. This way you will get the clear picture in which direction you should go.

How to discover the weakest link in your system?

Thanks to our reports you will be able to see your employees’ performances and to see what is their biggest flaws or on the other hand the biggest strength. Yes, you heard it well the biggest strength. It doesn’t mean that your employee is completely bad if he or she is bad at one position. Our software offers you a rotation system which will help you to assess your team in all kinds of situations. Sometimes it is enough to change your employee’s position if to improve its performances.

Always keep in mind that machine is dependable!

Do not have trust in your employee’s word. Have trust in their work and their performances. With our system, you will be able to manage that. You won’t have to lean on your assistant and his work because you will have numbers and numbers never lie. Service performance will show absolutely everything. It is better than having your right-hand spy. People feel more comfortable when the machine is monitoring them than a human being. When they have supervisors, they feel restrained, and there is a possibility that supervisor is a reason for their bad performances. This way you will avoid that supervisor – team leaders conflicts because their performance is under the survey of the machine.

What kinds of software are we offering?

Depending on your business size. We are offering you: business, professional or enterprise package. For the smallest package, we offer you up to ten random audits per month, complete hardware installation, and two user access. In case your business is growing, and you feel you need a higher support and more developed system we offer you a business plan features, unlimited user access and mobile access and weekly progress review. In case you are big enough to have serious support, we are offering you professional level features plus, four additional scheduled audits and on the other hand four employee specific audits. You will also get private Team Training sessions which will help you to integrate your employees.


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