Crafty Vaporizer Review

The Crafty Vaporizer is a compact hybrid made by the German company Storz and Bickel. The same manufacturer developed the Mighty vaporizer, which is an older but reliable model. So far, many users are highly satisfied with this unit, and even beginners use it without practice, which you can’t say for the majority of portable vapes.

The device features some impressive options, and for the money, you are paying you are getting the best value. But, let’s measure the pros and cons and determine whether this vaporizer is the best option for you.

Size, portability, and concealment

Crafty VaporizerThis device features the following dimensions: 4.3” tall, 2.2” wide, 1.3” thick and it weighs only 4.8oz. It will fit nicely in your hand, and you can conceal it in any pocket, hoody or purse. You shouldn’t expect the same portability as Pax 3 because it does have some bulkiness to it.

But, overall, it is much easier to clean and use.

Temperature options

The unit comes equipped with two different temperature settings. You can choose between default and boost. The default option is set at 356F and boots is set at 385F. Keep in mind that both temperatures can be changed, ranging from 104 to 410F using the app.

It will take you up to two minutes to reach the 356F, which isn’t the fastest, but the temperature is more consistent with long draws. The vibration is a nice touch, and it will notify you every time the device is ready to use.

Chamber size and use

The chamber is big enough to hold about .25 grams of dry herbs. If you have a super fine grind, you can expand this to .3g. However, you must be careful with the chamber; if you over-pack the unit, it will increase the draw resistance.

Many people have said that Crafty is one of the most consistent vaporizes they have used. You can pack it lose, tight, half-full, whatever works for you and get the same result every time. The vast majority of vapes only work well with full chambers, but that’s not the case with this vaporizer.

The cooling unit on the top of the chamber will decrease the temperature before the vapor hits your lips.

Battery life and charging

The Crafty features lithium-ion internal rechargeable battery. For average users, the battery lasts up to 45 minutes or about four sessions. It recharges in two hours, and you can also use partial-pass through charging. This option offers you an opportunity to vape while charging, but you need to have 20% of battery life first.

We can’t say that the battery is the best feature, but the Crafty has a USB system and you can always attach an external battery to your device.

Compared to other vaporizers, the most noticeable difference is in size. But, the Mighty will preheat faster and hold the temperature better, especially during winter months. The heavier users will have nothing to worry because the unit offers high-quality and best performance.

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