Personal choice of the best Scottsdale restaurants

As a local food journalist (and food junky) are have wandered in Arizona, Phoenix region, down the streets of Scottsdale, looking exploring touristic aspects of the city, particularly attractive restaurants. The market is slightly crowded; there’s a wide collection of different cuisines, styles, ambiances providing food resembling various traditions, such as Italian, Chinese, Japanese, French and much more. The choice is tough for someone always ready to jump into new gourmand experience, and this is just a short list of some of best scottsdale restaurants that met my relatively high criteria and expectations.

Not another Italian restaurant

restaurantsFat Ox is relatively new restaurant crafting Italian food and Mediterranean ambiance, but it certainly beats most other Italian restaurant scattered around the city. It outstands due to the impressive menu and food quality, delicious Italian wines and the chilling and charming atmosphere indoors. Personal suggestion: don’t miss their bistecca Fiorentina. Home-made pasta is excellent and there’s a huge assortment of fresh, Mediterranean salads with or without seafood in it. The portions are large, but the prices are rather affordable.


To be honest, the food might won’t be your top impression in this place, but the atmosphere. It is more of a basement bar than a regular restaurant. It is the unique recreation of the 19th-century style, and items with all the interior features and the menu strive to go along with this style. The way dishes are served and drinks poured resembles the same ambiance. Although the assortment is quite big, it’s natural thing to drink rum-based drinks in this place and eat dishes with raw red meat. No gothic dress code is required, though you might find various subculture fans hanging in this restaurant frequently.

Classy experience in Café Monarch

Settled right in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale, café Monarch is a classy restaurant that provides intimate, elegant and luxury ambiance. The restaurant offers high – quality menus for all four seasons with a large assortment of home – made unique specialties and recipes. The dishes are often exotic and extravagant a bit. Lobster ravioli as the entrée is an honest personal recommendation. The wine menu is large, and the stuff always involves present and available sommeliers to guide you through the wine list. The truth is that prices are relatively high, but the quality of service, delicious food and impressive stylish ambiance of this place are worth it.

Turning common into exciting

FnB is a relatively new restaurant in Scottsdale that falls into the group of common, “just another casual place” restaurant at first sight. However, once you give it a chance, you’ll find local food, drinks, and products prepared and served in quite a specific manner. The menu includes roasted chicken, eggs, braised leeks, mozzarella and various sorts of cheese, local beer and home-made wine sorts, as well as several sauces that are specific recipes of this restaurant. The friendly and relaxing atmosphere, warm ambiance and truly good local food turned into delicious specialties are what makes FnB so attractive.


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