Players Complain About The Data Consumption Of The New Super Mario Run

Super Mario is a legendary game coming from Nintendo. It has been available for decades now, and it has a vast player base. However, the new mobile app named Super Mario Run has seen some critiques for draining a lot of mobile data. This, of course, wasn’t well-accepted by the community. The iPhone game which is the first Mario title available for smartphones requires a continuous Internet connection.


The first problem is with the size of it. The game “weighs” around 96 megabytes, which is unconventional for mobile games. Also, it consumes around 50 megabytes per hour of playing. For those people who aren’t in a situation to connect to a Wi-Fi connection, this is a death sentence. This game will jeopardize your data allowances pretty fast. We all know mobile data tends to be expensive so this poses a serious problem for the already aggravate community.

The consequences for Nintendo are huge

Naturally, Nintendo shares dropped dramatically after the initial release as well as shares in DiNa which is a company that partnered up with Nintendo to develop this game. The app met a halfhearted reception due to its data consumption issues and the up-front price of eight pounds. After more than fifty thousand reviews it generated only 2.5 rating stars in the Store. The consequences for Nintendo are huge; they lost around three billion pounds off their value since the game was released.


The weird thing is that this app topped the download charts in a lot of countries earning around seventy million dollars in the first month after the release. In the first three days after the release, it was downloaded by 38 million people who averaged around 13 minutes of daily playing. However, it still doesn’t satisfy the consumer’s requirements. Also, the reputation of Nintendo has been jeopardized greatly. A lot of investors count and rely on mobile gaming, especially with a company such as Nintendo. The sheer amount of data required to play has also put a lot of pressure on Nintendo’s servers which makes future transfers less efficient.

The official response from Nintendo was pretty straightforward and simple. They said the game needs to drain data to protect your privacy, keep the software secure, and prevent privacy.


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