Richard “Old Man” Harrison (Pawn Stars) Gets Scammed By A Biker Gang!

The famous “Old Man” is a war veteran and a well-known reality star in the United States. Although he’s a humane individual who’s always ready to help, some people love abusing this virtue. Richard was presented with a project by two people who claimed to be from a motorbike community that likes helping people out. Little did he know they’re onto something fishy.


Namely, The Old Man recently hosted a Valentine’s Day event for the Vagos biker gang in his home in Las Vegas. They organized various lottery events on the party with a charity concept. However, the reality was far from the concept they presented. The principle of the scam is pretty simple. They redirected all funds gathered to pay lawyers for the members that committed various crimes. So, instead of going to charity, the money went to individuals who had troubles with the law. The interesting part is that it turned out that the Vagos gang has a lot of their members eagerly waiting for the bail money.

Fund raising for criminals

Rick Harrison, the son of The Old Man, confirmed this information and said that the gang took advantage of a senior man and tricked him into hosting a seeming charity event, but in reality, he was hosting a fund raising for criminals. However, Rick isn’t surprised much by the method they have used on him. Rick’s brother, Joseph, is a long-time member of the gang and has a vast police record. Due to his age, The Old Man wasn’t able to comprehend the scam at all and just believed he was doing a good deed. No one can blame him for biting the bait.


Modern times have brought a lot of potential for scams. Many people have used the advantages of the Internet, elder citizens, and credulous people to make a fortune. This article is written with the goal of showing how anyone is at risk and nobody is safe. There are many methods these people use; this is only one of them. This goes to show that even the most experienced ones don’t stand a chance against well-trained scammers. Always check the background of a project or people involved in it. If you feel that something fishy is going on, don’t put your trust in strangers.


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