How Social Media Affects Society

Social media is becoming more and more popular each day and there is a good reason for that. First of all, let’s take a look at what social media has to offer for its users that is so addicting. Well, we don’t have to do much research about this because it is quite obvious, social media platforms are offering the chance to connect with your friends from all around the world. In the beginning of social media platforms, that was the goal to have a platform that will allow people to communicate from across the world, but when people discovered that there was so much more than social media can offer, they started to go crazy about it. Long story short, we are now living in a society where most of the planet’s population is using some type of social media platform.

type of social mediaThere is just something special about having the power to look into someone else’s life without even having to start a conversation with them. Social media gives their users this power and that is not that good. Of course, these platforms give you the chance to stay private if you want to hide your information, but still, most people don’t use that option, and they just let everyone to see what they are doing.

Less Traveling

When it comes to traveling around the world, it has somehow become less popular in a way. For example, before social media affected our lives, we had no other choice but to visit our friends in different countries and continents if we wanted to interact with them. This gave us the chance to travel to that other country, even if it was for just a few days. Nowadays, we don’t have to do that because we have social media and it allows us to interact with them through the power of the internet. The bigger problem than traveling has become that we don’t spend enough time with other people anymore and that is all because of social media.

There is no better explanation, social media has affected society all around the world in a very bad way. Of course, there are various benefits from social media that we get, but nobody talks about the things that we end up losing once we start using it. The connection with your friends will never be the same as before because you are lacking face to face interactions.

Having Fake Friends

Back in the day before social media and internet, when you wanted to make new friends you went out and started talking to people. nowadays, that is completely different, social media has affected our lives so much that we are now using it to gain so-called “Friends”. The reason why they are not really your friends is that some of them, you will never end up meeting in person. Once you meet someone in person, only then you can get to know them really. Talking and messaging through social media will not get you real friendships.

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